Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions

What's Your Story?

Great question! The quick background is that we were student conduct officers who felt the pain and friction of templated reflection essays, and painfully long and boring online modules. So we began brainstorming, building, and believing in a better way to create space for respondents to reflect authentically. It's a much longer story, but we like to keep things short!

How Does It Work?

It's so easy it will surprise you. With our library of educational sanctions, we create unique URLs for each episode [episode are how we describe sanctions]. When it comes time for onboarding, these URLs are hyperlinked into your outcome letter language in your student conduct database. Respondents click the link, and voila, the authentic self-reflections begins!

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing should never be what stops you from doing something better, this is something we really believe in. Sanctionite was founded in 2021, so we've been around for a few years, but we've worked incredibly hard to keep things lean. This means we can champion a premium program at a valuable rate. So rather than charging your students and taking money out of their pocket, we work directly with you to align with your budget, based on your institution size.

What Exactly Is The Student Conduct Communications Tool?

Story-based sanctions make up 50% of what we do here at Sanctionite. The other 50% is our Student Conduct Communications Tool, which allows you to upload pre-recorded content for all your office needs. Create an interactive video introduction of your hearing officer, buil into your charge letters. Automate your pre-hearing meetings to save time. Deliver video-based learning assessments to engage respondents. Publish a video FAQ guide on your website. But the most important thing to know: it is highly customizable. If you can dream it, we can make it happen!

Is Sanctionite Right For My Institution?

We'd love to say Sanctionite is perfect for every institution, but the reality is that this may not be the truth. If your student conduct office philosophy has a more traditional foundation that is punitive in nature, we're probably not the right fit. However, if you are looking to modernize how you engage with respondents before, during, and after the hearing, we should definitely connect further.

How Do I Manage The Sanctionite Platform?

We built Sanctionite to be simple and easy. We built Sanctionite to be simple and easy. Every institutions receives access to a Google Sheet to track respondent submissions after they complete an episode. We automatically generate a PDF certificate that is available for you to download and review respondent submissions. From there, it's an easy upload to your student conduct database's electronic file cabinet. We'll also notify you at the email of your choice when a respondent completes the episode. With all these automations in place, we'll help you save time and it will feel like magic!

What Are Sanctionite's Episodes Like?

Respondents will take about 10-20 minutes to complete every episode. We have about 10 minutes of animated content, broken down into 30-second TikTok-style clips. In between these clips, we'll ask students questions about their incident, their experience in the hearing process, and how they can make the most of their college experience. Focusing on accountability and student development, we allow students to reflect by video, audio, or written submission.

What Can I Customize?

Lots of different things. If you don't like the questions we ask in each episode, you can submit the questions you wish to propose. You can also create your own sanctions with our Student Conduct Communications Tool [don't worry, we're here to help you design sanctions every step of the way]. You can optionally brand the Sanctionite platform with your institution's logo, colors, and URL as a subdomain.

How Does Purchasing Sanctionite Work?

Purchasing Sanctionite is very straightforward. Since we provide you hyperlinks to place in your charge letters and outcome letters, you do not have to involve IT in the onboarding process. So when you are ready to get started, we'll send you a standard 2-page service agreement. You may forward this to your supervisor, business manager, or legal team if necessary. Once your institution has signed the agreement, we'll send you an invoice. This process typically takes between 3-6 weeks.

Why Did You Choose Food Characters?

Simple: because we all relate to food in some way or another. Our characters have distinct backstories, student leadership roles, and academic pursuits. We opted for personification rather than human beings as actors. Why? Because live-action content gets stale quickly, and personified food is more approachable, with plenty of opportunities for subtle humor for respondent engagement. Our characters welcome your respondents into narrative learning, comparing and contrasting their incident's to thhose of your respondents.